Once SpecMap has been installed, you can open SpecMap from the Boards menu in Azure DevOps (or Works menu in TFS):

Select SpecMap from the  menu.

  • The first time you start SpecMap, you will be prompted to enter a license key. If you have purchased a license key, enter it in the dialogue. If you do not yet have a license key, you can request a trial license here. You can request a free license which is valid for up to 3 users here. You should receive your license key by email immediately after submitting the form.
  • If you have entered a license key, the SpecMap workspace is opened.

SpecMap's UI is broken down into several areas:

  1. The backlog explorer on the left of the screen lists your work items. You can drag these work items onto the map as user stories.
  2. The map area contains your story map itself. This is where you can assign user stories to user activities, prioritise stories as well as assign slices to iterations and link columns to top-level work items.
  3. The map explorer on the right lists the maps available in SpecMap. You can also export maps and clone them from here.

Note: The UI's appearance will differ slightly depending on your version of Azure DevOps or TFS.