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SpecMap is licensed per user. You need a license for each user who requires access to SpecMap.

Note: You do not need a license for all your TFS/VSTS users, only those using SpecMap!

When you first install SpecMap, it is installed as a 30-day trial version without limitations. Once the trial period has ended, you will need to license SpecMap to continue using it. Note that your maps are retained after the license expires, meaning no data will be lost.

If SpecMap is unlicensed (the trial has expired, or your license is no longer valid), you will see a corresponding message when starting SpecMap.

SpecMap can be licenses in two ways:

Licensing Basics

You cannot mix models; you can either license SpecMap via the marketplace or with a license key. License keys purchased on the marketplace take precedence over license keys. If you have purchased a license from the marketplace, you will therefore not be able to enter a license key.

On the other hand, you can move from the license key model to a license from the marketplace at any time. For example, if you are using the free tier (license key) and decide to purchase a 6 user license from the marketplace, your new marketplace license will take precedence, and you will be able to assign 6 users to the SpecMap extension.

Free Tier

A free tier allowing up to 3 users to access SpecMap is available. You can request a license key here. For information on registering your license key, see License Keys.