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You can license SpecMap using a license key provided by TechTalk. License keys will work with all versions of SpecMap (offline/online TFS, VSTS).

Free Tier

A free tier allowing up to 3 users to access SpecMap is available. You can request a license key here.

Entering Your License Key

If SpecMap is currently unlicensed, a corresponding message is displayed when starting SpecMap. If you have a license key for SpecMap, you can enter the license information directly in the prompt. You need to enter the following:

Enter your license details and confirm to unlock SpecMap.

When using a license key to license SpecMap, the number of users who have accessed SpecMap are tracked. If more users than are licensed try to access SpecMap within a short time period, you will receive a message that you do not have enough licenses. Users who have already accessed SpecMap during this time period will continue to be able to do so.