Adding User Activities

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Once you have created a map, the next step is to add the top-level user activities:

  1. Click on the plus icon indicated by the Click to add a new user activity hint:
  2. Enter a title for the user activity in the text box at the top.
  3. Enter an Outcome for the user activity.
  4. Click on Save and close.
  5. You can now assign a work item to the user activity. Locate the desired work item in the list on the left (use the Features/Epics/Stories options to restrict the entries in the list or enter a filter), and drag the work item to the user activity:

    The selected work item is entered in the user activity:

    Note: If you know the work item ID, you can also enter it manually in this field.
  6. Repeat the process until you have finished adding your activities:

Reordering User Activities

To reorder a user activity:

  1. Click anywhere on the box representing the user activity at the top of your map and keep the mouse button pressed.
  2. Drag the user activity to the space between user activities to move it there. A blue bar indicates the new position of the user activity:
  3. Release the mouse button.