Version History

Maintenance release:

  • Fixed bug: Selecting iteration with the mouse fails when the list is long
  • Fixed bug: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined Object.V [as scrollToQuery]
  • SpecMap now uses REACT

Minor bug fix release:

  • Fixed UI issues related to minimising the map list
  • Fixed error reading ‘map’ property when selecting a query

New features

  • User activities can now be linked to any type of work item.
  • Work items can be linked to a user activity with drag&drop
  • New work item browser: Added support for backlog queries (e.g. PBIs, Epics, Features). Option to hide/show mapped work items in the list.
  • Work items display information on which maps the work items has been added to in all versions of SpecMap (TFS and VSTS); some configuration is required for TFS.

Bug fixes/improvements

  • Replaced “Print” icon with a “Download” icon, as the print icon was misleading
  • Fixed issue with scroll bars exceeding screen dimensions
  • Fixed several query isues, including showing sub-folders in queries.
  • Fixed issues with wrong links to maps
  • Improved performance when switching between maps
  • Fixed the wording of several messages

Fixed a refresh bug when using a license key to license SpecMap

  • Styling options defined for your board’s PBIs are applied to SpecMap (documentation)
  • Work item icons and associated colours are now displayed in cards
  • Bug fix: Removing cards from unlinked slices/user activities no longer resets the iteration path/parent link
  • Fixed: The link to a work item or user activity now works without requiring a refresh after first entering the link.
  • Fixed: The list of work items on the left is now filtered correctly when selecting a query.
  • Extended requirements backlog query to include all associated work item types.
  • Option to hide entries already on the map in the Backlog list
  • Support for licensing on the VSTS marketplace (not yet active)
  • License mechanism for users without marketplace access (TFS 2015/offline on-premise)
  • Various licensing-related messages, including links to the webpage used to generate free license keys
  • Snapshot history: SpecMap automatically saves snapshots each time the map is updated.
    A total of 10 snapshots are stored. This includes 5 most recent changes, and an additional 5 snapshots of less recent changes that are updated every 5 changes.
    Map snapshots can be restored from the map details.
  • Cloned maps are now assigned a unique name
  • Cloned maps no longer clone the link behaviour defined for slices and user activities
  • Bug fix: Times/dates are now always displayed using the server time instead of the local time, as in other areas of TFS/VSTS.

Important Information for TFS 2015 Users

We unified the extension IDs for all SpecMap versions to ensure you can migrate from SpecMap for TFS 2015 to SpecMap for TFS 2017 or VSTS in future.

Maps are stored in TFS using the extension ID, which means that after upgrading to 0.1.32 (with the new ID), your old maps will no longer be displayed. Your maps need to be migrated to the new extension. Details on how to migrate your maps can be found here.

SpecMap will now also display a message if you start SpecMap and no maps are found, in case this is due to the change in the extension ID. This message also includes a link to the instructions on how to migrate your maps.

  • TFS and VSTS versions now use the same ID; mismatched IDs cause issues when migrating from TFS to VSTS
  • Updated the notification bar displayed when a new version is available
  • Import/export maps
  • Bug fixes
  • Several bug fixes
  • Renamed context menu options for clarity
  • Default link option for columns (user activities) is now “Don’t change link, preserving the link to the parent

SpecMap is a product from TechTalk, the company behind
SpecFlow+ and SpecLog.


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