Tricentis Acquires SpecMap

We are excited to announce that SpecMap has been acquired by Tricentis.

When TechTalk started to develop SpecMap more than two years ago, our goal was to help both small and large teams improve collaboration and use Story Mapping to develop software that offers an excellent user experience.

Today we are excited to announce that SpecMap and SpecFlow have been acquired by Tricentis, a leading international software provider for software testing solutions.

For Tricentis, SpecMap offers a unique opportunity to accelerate the adoption of agile practices and Behavior-Driven development (BDD) within the enterprise market. Agile practices like BDD and User Story Mapping enable teams to deliver valuable software to end users in shorter cycles and with better results.

What does this mean for current SpecMap customers?

We are excited to announce that partnering with Tricentis will allow us to offer SpecMap licenses to you free of charge. Starting from today, SpecMap will be available for free for any number of users. As an existing customer you can continue to use your current licenses. More details will be announced soon.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us by sending a mail to support [at]

We look forward to partnering with Tricentis and helping more teams from around the world collaborate!

Your SpecMap Team