Release Notes: Refine and add new work items faster to your maps

This article provides a short summary of some of the recent features added to SpecMap.

Refinements and Child Items

You can now add child items to cards on the map. Use this to group related items, slice out smaller items to plan your stories and prioritize your backlog in SpecMap.

The completion status of all child items is displayed on the parent card, providing you with an overview of the current status at a glance.

Adding New Work Items from the Map

You can now add items of any type from the map. When clicking on the New Item button, you can choose the type of item you want to add. This means you can add cards for all work item types directly on the map where you need them.

When adding a new item, the default item type is set to the last item type you added.

Adding New Work Items in the Backlog Explorer

You can also add new work items from the backlog explorer. In this case, the type of item added is the type of work item selected under Backlogs (a user story in the screenshot below, as Stories is selected in the Backlog Explorer).

Note that you cannot add new work items when displaying queries in the Backlog Explorer.

Display Missing Work Items per Iteration

If there are work items assigned to an iteration, but not present on your map, a warning indicator is displayed (exclamation mark). Click on this indicator to display a list of the missing work items in the Backlog Explorer. You can then quickly add the missing items to your map where they belong.

And More …

Visit our Changelog to explore other features we have been working on in the last months and make sure you never miss a feature.