Team Foundation Server 2015

You can download SpecMap for Team Foundation Server 2015 and offline TFS installations here. Please visit the Visual Studio marketplace to install SpecMap for later versions of TFS that are online.

Visual Studio Team Services / TFS 2017+

Visit the Visual Studio marketplace to install SpecMap for VSTS and TFS 2017 or higher.

Key Features

Map User Activities to TFS Features via Drag & Drop

Drag user stories from your product backlog to your story map and automatically assign them to parent TFS features and iteration paths.

Plan Iterations with Slices

Slice your story map and link your slices to iteration paths, split/merge slices as your project progresses.

Structure Your Backlog as You Go

New stories (PBIs) are automatically added to the TFS hierarchy with the corresponding feature as the story’s parent

Birds Eye View of Your User Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

SpecMap licenses can be purchased either via the Visual Studio marketplace (VSTS/TFS 2017), or directly from TechTalk (TFS 2015, off-premise installations without access to the marketplace).

You only require licenses for those users who need to access SpecMap.

Up to 3 users can use SpecMap for free. For more details, refer to the licensing page.

This feature is coming soon.

SpecMap is designed to work with either the Agile or Scrum templates, and requires certain fields to be present in TFS. SpecMap does not currently support custom templates.

Current Focus

Improved working with backlogs:

  • Support for additional work item types (epics etc.) Any work item type can now be added to the map as a user story or linked to a user activity (completed in 0.1.50)
  • Draft function: add cards to the map without creating a work item
  • Group user activities within higher level steps
  • Access permissions for maps

Map management:

  • Export/migrate maps (added in 0.1.31)
  • Snapshots (added in 0.1.33)

Medium Term

Better visualisation:

  • More styling options for elements on the map
    Styling is currently applied to maps based on the settings for the project backlog
  • Visualise progress based on task status and completed tasks
  • Hide completed slices
  • Visualise comments

If you are experiencing issues, please contact us by email to support [at] Please include as much information as you can, including whether you are using the TFS or VSTS version of SpecMap. Screenshots can be very helpful to illustrate behaviour. Please also check the developer console (F12) in your browser for any error messages and includes them with your email. The more information you provide, the quicker it will be to find the cause of the bug and fix it.

We appreciate any feedback on how you are using SpecMap and how your experience could be improved. You can submit feedback to support [at] We will evaluate all suggestions we receive, and factor this feedback into future development cycles.

Access to projects and work items is determine by a user’s TFS project/work item permissions. Users without permission to access a project cannot access the maps in that project. If a user has access to a project, but not to certain work items, the user can browse the maps, but will not see the details (title, etc) of the mapped work items they are not permitted to access.

There is currently no means of restricting access to a particular map outside of these options. We intend to add access settings for maps in the future, allowing you to grant read-only access or deny access to specific maps.

  • It is not possible to drag&drop items from the backlog query to the map in TFS when using Edge.
  • Issues can arise when using templates in languages other than English. This may also result in an empty default query. You can however define your own queries and use these instead.
  • SpecMap requires certain fields to be present in your template; if the fields are missing, errors will occur. This means that custom templates are not currently supported.
  • Synchronisation issues can occur in setups with high latency, e.g. where the server is in a different country from the users. This is more likely to occur using the on-premise (TFS) extension. Please contact us (support [at] if you are experiencing long delays, particularly when receiving messages that the map has been updated and your changes cannot be saved as as result.
  • SpecMap is not fully compatible with the new navigation layout in VSTS (currently only available as a preview). The backlog queries are empty when not using the default team. A workaround is to define your own queries.

Our privacy policy can be found here.

If you are being charged tax on the marketplace, this is because your MS account is not set as a business account. This is a porperty of the account profile. If you set the account up as a business account, you should no longer be charged VAT on marketplace purchases.

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